MW Corp is a diversified enterprise with interests in Textiles, Renewable Energy, and Infrastructure Development, spread across Asia, Europe and Africa.

The company which is spearheaded by Mr. Mukul Kasliwal and Mr. Warij Kasliwal emerged out of a comprehensive restructuring of the erstwhile “S.Kumars Group” which was founded in 1948 by two brothers, the Late Mr. Abhayakumar Kasliwal (father of Warij) and Mr. Shambhukumar Kasliwal (father of Mukul).

The restructuring of the S.Kumars Group resulted in a four way split amongst the next generation, with Mr. Mukul Kasliwal and Mr. Warij Kasliwal coming together to form MW Corp.

MW Corp has consolidated revenues of INR 10 billion ($ 222.22 million) and operating assets of INR 50 billion ($ 1.11 billion) including the commissioning of the INR 39.39 billion ($ 875.25 million), 400 MW Hydro Power Project which is ready to run.

Driven by global vision, MW Corp is taking rapid strides towards this goal and has recently acquired Klopman SA, Europe’s leading manufacturer of textiles for work-wear and protective-wear, which recorded revenues of 125 million euros in the last fiscal year.

The other major companies under MW Corp are:

  • S.Kumars Ltd, one of India’s foremost Textile Companies
  • Entegra Ltd, a fully integrated Renewable Energy Company
  • SMHPCL, which is currently implementing an INR 39.39 billion ($ 875.25 million), run-of-the-river 400 MW Maheshwar Project - India’s first privately promoted Hydel Power Project
  • Dasna Developers Pvt Ltd, which is in the process of developing 82 acres of its prime real estate on the outskirts of New Delhi.