A child spends 30% of his/her time in a uniform! Comfort is therefore of prime importance when it comes to making uniforms for them. This guiding mantra has inspired MW Unitexx to design fabrics with the same care and nurture that a mother devotes to her child. .

MW Unitexx has introduced a ready-made school uniform range under the brand name ‘Medallion’. Falling back on our extensive market knowledge and rich experience, we deliver avant-garde, value added uniforms. We are a branded entity bringing standardised quality to the entire product, from fabric, to stitching to uniform accessories. .

Medallion is available in the trademark S.Kumars polyester blends in various prints of over a hundred shades. The uniform materials are selected from an extensive range of co-ordinates, available in varieties like plain weave, colour fast, polyester viscose blends and polyester cotton. . .

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